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Don't forget the Spring Dahlia Tuber Sale!

May 7th at High Dive Pavilion in Elkhart.




Dahlia Gardens can be filled with hundreds of varieties of colorful dahlias of different forms, sizes, and shapes. Beginning in mid-summer and peaking in late August and September, the garden erupts into a dizzying riot of colors and shapes. The dahlia originated in Mexico. A magnificent flower for summer gardening, the dahlia opens a whole new world of landscaping possibilities. Large displays of flowers can be created at relatively low cost because only a few plants are needed and they are easily propagated by divisions or cuttings. There are many varieties of dahlias. The larger-flowering decorative and cactus types make up the biggest and most popular group. Most varieties in this category grow 3 to 5 feet tall and many produce flowers as large as dinner plates. The dwarf types or small flowering varieties are more effective in small gardens, borders or beds. They are set off to the best advantage when planted in groups of similar colors. They produce an abundance of flowers adding a dash of color just where it is needed. The dwarf dahlia is low growing and bushy and does not need to be staked.





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